Business Solutions

Our company has a team with substantial expertise in technology and  years of experience in the trading industry. We have a deep understanding of the needs of business clients. 

1. Whitelabel solutions of MT4, MT5 or other popular system
2. Customized development of Web applications for brokers and trading team
3. Customized development of MT4,MT5 server-end, or manager api based applications
4. Datafeed and liquidity integration
5. AI based financial contents

Retail Trading Solutions

We are committed to minimizing the trading difficulty and threshold for retail investors through integrated and interactive trading solution.

1. Interactive trading education solution
2. automatic trading tools, i.e. EA, copy trading solutions
3. trading algorithm development
4. trading signals solution

Crypto Solutions

Our company has an in-house solutions for crypto trading business clients. Client can quickly launch ready-made business. 

1. OTC exchange and wallet
2. Advanced crypto exchange system integration
3. Crypto datafeed integration
4. Crypto algo